Our Daylillies

Our house has a large number of different kinds of daylillies in the gardens. I like daylillies in part because they are pretty hardy: you don't have to worry about them getting enough water, etc; all they need is a pretty good amount of sun. Also, they bloom in a time of the year when not much else is out, so they are a good complement to other flowering items.

The following table is arranged in approximate opening date order (I didn't keep good records of exactly which came out when), and shows images of most of them.

If you click on any thumbail image, it will take you to a maximum-sized image of the piece. For some of them, there are two variants of one of the images, because the images came out so differently depending on whether the blossoms were in direct sun or not, etc.

Images Name Description
Ming Toy Small dusky red blossoms with a yellow throat
Stella D'Oro Small deep yellow blossoms; the classic daylilly
Pandora's Box Medium-sized very light yellow blossoms
Child Bride Large deep yellow blossoms
Bela Lugosi Very large purple blossoms with a throat which varies from lime-green when newly opened in the morning, to lemon-yellow at the end of the day
Orange Velvet Medium-sized orange blossoms with streaks of reddish and yellowish areas
Frankly Scarlet Medium-sized dark red blossoms with a deep yellow throat
Strawberry Candy Large dark pink blossoms with a two-part throat - dusky red in the outer region, and bright yellow in the depths of the throat
Miss Mary Mary Fairly small intense yellow blossoms
Little Business Fairly small dusky purply-red blossoms with a yellow throat
Moonlight Masquerade Medium-sized blossoms with petals with a white outer area, and a purple inner area, and a yellow throat
Mini Pearl Small blossoms of a subtle shade that is part light peach, but with yellow tinges, and a pronounced yellow throat
Dark Avenger Small very dark-red blossoms with a throat which can be greenish (as with the Bela Lugosi), but also can be yellow
Red Volunteer Large dark-red blossoms with a yellow throat
Darius Small pale purple blossoms with a throat which can be greenish (as with the Bela Lugosi), but also can be yellow
Spider Miracle The long, narrow, widely-separated pure yellow petals of this flower are unlike those of other daylillies, and make it look like a spider lilly, and are the likely source of the name
Mini Mauve A medium-sized pale blossom intermediate in colour between dark red and purple, with a darker area near the throat
Rocket City Large brilliant orange blossoms
Breathless Beauty Medium-sized dark-red blossoms with narrow petals and a yellow throat
Judith Large blossoms of a medium dusky colour which is intermediate between pink, red and purple
Lady Lucille Striking large deep orange (almost red) blossoms with yellow streaks down the middle of the petals
Ann Warner Medium-sized deep peach (almost light orange) blossoms with a yellow throat
Joan Senior Medium-sized pure white blossoms with a faint yellow throat
Woodside Ruby Medium-sized dusky red flowers with a yellow throat
Pardon Me Tiny very deep red flowers with a bright yellow throat

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