Utagawa Kunisada Print Series Cross-Reference

This is an annotated cross-reference between a fairly voluminous (but still incomplete!) listing of the print series of Utagawa Kunisada, (1786-1865, also known as Toyokuni III), and a selections of some of the various reference books which contain illustrations of them.

The series are arranged in basically chronological order, by year (more precise ordering of the later ones, where months are known, seems superflous given that for earlier series, not even the year is known precisely). In some cases various references disagree about the date of a given series; the date given for these includes the entire range covered by both references.

Notes are indicated by the sequence # with a number, which are hyper-link to the note. Japanese titles are given where known, with alternative translations inside [ ] delimiters; names commonly used by collectors to identify some series are given inside {" "} delimiters.

Where another artist collaborated on the same individual prints as Kunisada, their name is given inside { } delimiters; for series where there were multiple artists, but different artists did complete prints, their name(s) are given inside ( ) delimiters.

The numbers given in the reference section are item numbers, unless otherwise noted (e.g. as page numbers); in some volumes, the same numbers are reused for color and black-and-white plates, and color plates are indicated with a 'C' number. A reference marked with a '*' means that the reference contains the complete series.

I have done my best to get rid of duplicates, but there may still be one or two. I hope to add publisher data at some point in the future, although this may be complicated by instances where Kunisada used more than one publisher for a series, or where the blocks were sold on to a second (or more, in some instances) publisher for later editions.

Series List

Size Series Date References
Contemporary Edo Patterns [Frabetti], 132-133, 136
Full Color Contemporary Fashion [Frabetti], 134-135
Sixteen Ukiyo-E Scenes of Musashi [Frabetti], 137-138
[NarazakiIII], 13
Contemporary Make-Up [NarazakiIII], 2-5
Modern Beauties and Landscapes of Edo [Possibly the same as this series] [NarazakiIII], 8-9
Landscapes and Various Women of Today [NarazakiIII], 12
Modern Beauties' Taste in Fashion [NarazakiIII], 10
Beauties of the Pleasure Quarter: Snow, Moon and Flowers (Seiro bijin setsugekka) 1809 [Izzard], 9
Brocade Prints of the Dressing Rooms (Gakuya nishiki-e nihen) 1812 [Izzard], pp. 23
Actor puzzles (Yakusha hanjimono) 1812 [Izzard], pp. 23
Five Shades of Ink from the Northern Provinces (Hokkoku goshiki-zumi) 1814 [Izzard], pp. 25
Votive Hand Towels (Hono tenugui) circa 1814 [Izzard], 12
A Series of Successful Plays [Great Hits of the Stage] [Hit Kyogen Plays] (Otari kyogen [no ochi]) circa 1814-1816 [Frabetti], 103-109
[Forrer], G260
[Izzard], 5
[Tinios], C1
[Rappard], 115-116
A Collection of Newly Published Brocade Pictures of Modern Beauties (Shimpan nishiki-e tosei bijin awase) circa 1815-1816 [Izzard], 16
Untitled series of portraits of actors in the Chushingura circa 1815-1816 [Izzard], 8
[NarazakiIII], C7
Untitled series of views of the twelve months circa 1816 [Izzard], 15
6 An Actor Sundial (Haiyu hidokei) circa 1816-1817 [Izzard], 6
[Tinios], C3
Actors and the Cuisine of Famous Restaurants (Yakusha komei kaiseki ryori) circa 1816-1817 [Izzard], 7
[Nana Komachi Girls as] The Seven Aspects of Komachi (Nana Komachi) circa 1818-1820 [Frabetti], 139
[VanGogh], 145
[Izzard], 17, pp. 27
12 The Hours of the Yoshiwara (Yoshiwara tokei) circa 1818-1820 [Frabetti], 120-131* [Izzard], 23
Twelve Bells of of Edo (Edo junisho) circa 1818-1820 [Izzard], 19
10 The Pride of Edo (Edo jiman) circa 1818-1820 [Izzard], 22
Thoughts reflected in a Mirror (Omoigoto kagami utsushi-e) circa 1818-1820 [Izzard], 24
10 Contemporary Manners and the Passing of Time [Starfrost of the Times] [Contemporary Night-time Customs] (Hoshi no shimo tosei fukozu) circa 1818-1821 [Frabetti], 118-119
[Izzard], 18
[NarazakiIII], C16
Eight Famous Views of Edo circa 1818-1821 [NarazakiIII], C12
Eight Popular Scenes and Contemporary Women circa 1818-1821 [NarazakiIII], C13
An Imaginary Eight Views (Mitate hakkei) circa 1820 [Izzard], 29
Twelve Hours of the Clock of the Present Day (Imayo tokei juni toko) circa 1820-1822 [Izzard], 20
21 known A Collection of Famous Restaurants of Modern Times (Toji komei kaiseki zukushi) circa 1820-1825 [Izzard], 21
[NarazakiIII], C15
8 x 3 Eight Views of Edo (Edo hakkei) circa 1820-1825 [Forrer], G267
[Izzard], 25
[VanVleck], pp. 251
Untitled set of half-length actor prints 1822 [Tinios], C4
A Contemporary Thirty-Two Types (Tosei sanjuni so) circa 1822-1823 [Izzard], 27
[NarazakiIII], 11
Six Famous Rivers with the Name 'Tama' and Six Beauties circa 1822-1825 [NarazakiIII], C14
10 Great Performances - Contemporary Pressed-Cloth Battledores (Tosei oshi-e hagoita atari kyogen no ochi) circa 1823 [Izzard], 35
Flower and Bird, Wind and Moon (Kacho-fugetsu) circa 1823-1825 [Izzard], 28
8 known Famous Places of Edo (Edo meisho) circa 1824-1825 [Izzard], 36*
5 A Collection of Famous Places in the Red-Hair [Dutch] Oil-Painting Style (Komo Abura-e meisho zukushi) circa 1824-1825 [Izzard], 37
Untitled series on the twelve months mid 1820's [Forrer], G263
Firely Catching - A Lineup of Edo Folk (Hotarugari - Edokko soroi) mid 1820's [Tinios], C5
Secret Meetings by Moonlight (Tsuki no kage shinobu yoru) mid 1820's to circa 1836-1838 (various dates given) [Forrer], G270-274
[Izzard], 73
[Rappard], 133-134
[NarazakiIII], 14
Different Kinds of Modern Household Rules (Tosei teikin orai) 1820's [VanGogh], 144
6 known Made to Order in Modern Taste (Oatsurae Toseikonomi) 1820's [Rappard], 135
5 Drawings in the Red-Hair [Dutch] Oil-Painting Style (Komo Abura-e fu) circa 1825 [Izzard], 38
Untitled series on the theme of snow, moon and flowers circa 1825 [Izzard], 45
Untitled set of half-length actor prints 1826 [Izzard], 46
5 Modern Views of Summer (Tosei natsu geshiki) circa 1826 [Izzard], 41
A Collection of Modern Beauties (Tosei bijin awase) circa 1826 [Izzard], 42
A Collection of Beauties from the Pleasure Quarters (Seiro bijin awase) circa 1826 [Izzard], 71
5 Modern Views of Spring (Tosei haru-geshiki) circa 1826-1828 [Izzard], 40
Battle Tales of Han and Chu (Kan-So gundan) circa 1827 [Izzard], 43
9 known Rumours of Marriage Ties of Couples (Enmusubi Myoto Hyoban) late 1820's [Rappard], 142
A Collection of Otsu Prints (Otsue zukishi [Otsue Tsukushi]) late 1820's - early 1830's [Forrer], G283
[Rappard], 143
Three Fasionable Tippers (Fuzoku san-nin namayoi) circa 1829-1830 [Izzard], 63
Types of the Floating World Seen Through a Physiognomist's Glass (Ukiyo jinsei tengankyo) circa 1830 [Izzard], 60
Untitled set of half-length actor prints circa 1830 [Tinios], C8
An Imagined Confrontation of the Three Theatres (San shibai mitate taimen) 1832 [Tinios], C11
10 A Collection of Joriri Libretti (Joruri zukushi) circa 1832 [Izzard], 62
10 Actors with Six Jewel Faces (Haiyu mutama-gao) circa 1832 [Izzard], 66
10 A Competition of Beauties and Celebrated Views of Japan (Honcho fukei bijin kurabe) circa 1832-1834 [Izzard], 64
Untitled series showing actors framed in mirrors circa 1833-1834 [VanGogh], 169
[Tinios], 1
10 Untitled group of landscapes early 1830's [Forrer], G275-276
[Izzard], 65
[Rappard], 140
[VanVleck], pp. 252
[NarazakiIII], C18-19
The Five Festivals (Gosekku no uchi) early 1830's [VanGogh], 159
Annual Observances at Yoshiwara (Yoshiwara nenju gyoji) early 1830's [VanGogh], 160
Japanese Version of the 108 Heroes of the Water Margin early 1830's [NarazakiIII], C6
Banners for Parlour Decorations (Gohi zashiki nobori no uchi) circa 1835-1837 [Izzard], 81
5 Five Brightly Colored Banners(Goku saishiki gohon nobori no uchi) circa 1835-1837 [Izzard], 82
5 known Untitled set of half-length actors with their poems circa 1836 [Izzard], 69
Sun, Moon and Stars (Jitsugetsusei no uchi) mid 1830's [Forrer], G284
Parody on the Eight Views of the Hours of the Yoshiwara (Yoshiwara tokei nihen mitate hakkei) 1830's [VanGogh], 158
Parodies on Three Plays (San Shibai Mitate) 1830's [VanGogh], 162
[Modern Allusions to] The Seven Komachi ([Tosei Mitate] Nana Komachi) 1830's to early 1840's (various dates given) [VanGogh], 164
[Rappard], 152
Famous Unusual Women from Different Places (Mei-ijo hogaku) 1830's [VanGogh], 167
Eight Views of Beautiful Women (Bijin hakkei) 1830's [VanGogh], 168
Fashionable Women of Edo (Tosei Edo suzume) 1830's [VanGogh], 170
The Imitation Murasaki and the Rustic Genji (Nise Murasaki Inaka Genji) 1830's [VanGogh], 171-172
Untitled set of half-length actor prints 1838 [Tinios], C10
The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido (Tokaido gojusan tsugi no uchi) {"Bijin Tokaido"} circa 1838 [Izzard], pp. 30
[VanVleck], pp. 252
The Twelve Hours of Tatsumi (Tatsumi junitoki no uchi) circa 1838-1840 [Izzard], 74
Eight Views of Tatsumi [the Licensed Quarters] (Tatsumi hakkei no uchi) 1830's - early 1840's [Forrer], G281
[VanGogh], 165
Eight Views of Edo Figures (Edo sugata hakkei) circa 1840 [Forrer], G280
Untitled series on the twelve months early 1840's [Forrer], G277-279
Collection of Pictures to the Hundred Poems by One Poet Each (Hyakkunin isshu kaisho) circa 1843-1845 [VanGogh], 174
[VanVleck], pp. 253
A Choice of Five Colors from the Floating World (Ukiyo goshoku awase) circa 1843-1845 [VanGogh], 176
An untitled series of portraits of women, many with musical instruments circa 1843-1845 [VanGogh], 178-179
Ten Celestial Stems (Jikan eto no uchi) circa 1843-1846 [VanGogh], 182
A Selection of Fans with Eight Views Along the Sumida River (Ogi awase Sumidagawa hakkei) circa 1843-1846 [VanGogh], 186
Elegant Pictures of Snow, Moon and Flowers (Furyu setsegekka) 1844 [Forrer], G287
Untitled series on the six crystal rivers 1844 [Forrer], G292
The Five Festivals (Gosekku no uchi) 1844 [Forrer], G302
[VanVleck], pp. 253
Untitled series on the theme of snow, moon and flowers circa 1844-1845 [Forrer], G296-297
Eight Views of Edo (Edo hakkei no uchi) circa 1844-1845 [Forrer], G300
Festivals of the Year in the Floating World (Ukiyo nenju gyoji) circa 1844-1845 [Forrer], G301
[VanGogh], 186
Shadow Pictures of an Auspicious Age (Arigataki miyo no kage-e) circa 1844-1845 [Izzard], 75
Contemporary Stripes Woven to Order circa 1844-1845 [Izzard], 76
Untitled series of half-length actors in front of fabrics circa 1844-1845 [Izzard], 76
100 Untitled set of women compared to the one hundred poems [Possibly the same as this series] circa 1844-1846 [Izzard], 77
The Wife of Yoshitomo, Head of the Left Horse (Sama no kami Yoshitomo no sai) circa 1845 [VanGogh], 180
8 #1 Fifty-three Parallels for the Tokaido (Tokaido gojusan tsui) (With Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi) circa 1845-1846
14 #2 Ogura Imitations of the One Hundred Poets [Ornamental Papers Patterned After the Hundred Poets] (Ogura nazorae Hyakunin isshu) (With Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi) circa 1845-1847
Famous Places in Edo Combined with Poems (Edo meisho hokku awase no ochi) circa 1846 [Forrer], G293-295
Untitled series on the twelve months circa 1847-1848 [Forrer], G304-305
Flowers, Birds, Wind and Moon (Kachofugetsu no uchi) circa 1847-1848 [Forrer], G317
[VanVleck], pp. 255
An untitled series of portraits of women with a gengimon background circa 1847-1848 [VanGogh], 188-189
20+ A Mad Arrangement of Haiku Poets in Portrait and Writing (Haika Shoga Kyodai) circa 1847-1848 [Rappard], 154-156
Eight Views of the Southern Capital (Nanto hakkei no uchi) circa 1848 [Forrer], G314
Modern Views of Flowers, Birds, Wind and Moon (Jisei kachofugetsu) circa 1848-1850 [Forrer], G310
A Mirror of Past and Present Examples of Loyalty and Filial Piety (Konjaku Chuko kogami) late 1840's [Tinios], C12
Pictures of Famous Unusual Women of Edo (Edo mei-ijo zue) circa 1849-1853 [VanGogh], 166
Six Choices of Summer Among the Night Trades (Yoaki nai rokkasen) circa 1849-1853 [VanGogh], 192
A Selection of Flowers for the Five Festivals (Gosechi no hana awase) circa 1849-1853 [VanGogh], 206-207
Eastern Pictures of Edo Purple (Edo murasaki azuma no utsushie) circa 1850 [VanVleck], pp. 254
Eastern Pictures with a Stylish Shrine Page (Heza sugata azuma no utsushie) circa 1850 [VanVleck], pp. 254
Snow, Moon and Flowers (Setsugekka no uchi) circa 1850 [VanVleck], pp. 256
The Four Seasons (Shiki no uchi) circa 1851 [Izzard], 84
138 [Actors at the] [Between the] Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido ([Yakusha mitate] Tokaido gojusan-tsugi no uchi [kan]) 1852 [Izzard], 89
[Tinios], 24
[Rappard], 158-159
Views of Famous Places in Edo (Edo meisho zue) 1852 [VanGogh], 221
Sixty-Odd Provinces of Great Japan (Dai Nippon Rokujuyoshu) 1852
The Sixty-Nine Stations of the Kiso [Highway] (Kiso rokujukyu eki) 1852 [Izzard], 90
[Tinios], C13
An Imaginary Thirty-Six Poets (Mitate sanjurokkasen no uchi) 1852 [Izzard], 91
[VanVleck], pp. 257
Faithful Depictions of the Figure of the Shining Prince (Sono Sugata Hikaru no Utsushi-e) 1852 [Rappard], 160
Fifty-Four Chapters of Edo Purple (Edo Murasaki Gojuyon Cho) 1852
49 A Set of Famous Restaurants in the Eastern Capital (Toto Komei Kaitei Tsukushi) {With Hiroshige} 1852-1853 [Rappard], 169-172
Co-work on the Tale of Genji (Furyu Genji Eawase) {With Hiroshige} 1853 [NarazakiIII], C25
Combined Landscapes and Stage Scenes of the Fifty-Three Post Stations of the Tokaido {With Gyosai and Yoshimori} 1853 [NarazakiIII], C27-C32
A Comparison of Purple Appearances of Edo (Edo Murasaki sugata kisoi) 1854 [VanGogh], 222
12 x 3 The Twelve Months (Junigatsu no uchi) 1854 [VanGogh], 237-239
Six Crystal Rivers 1854 [VanGogh], 223-224, 240?
An untitled set of illustrations of chapters of the Tale of Genji 1854 [VanVleck], pp. 257
The Fifty-Three Stations [of the Tokaido] by [from] Two Brushes (So-hitsu Gojusan-tsugi) {With Hiroshige} 1854-1855 [Rappard], 174-177
[VanVleck], pp. 53-54
[Tinios], 22
Eight Views of Lake Biwa (Omi hakkei no uchi) 1855 [VanGogh], 249
Untitled series of portraits of actors with inset circular panels of other actors 1855-1857
Famous Places in Edo and One Hundred Beautiful Women (Edo meisho hyakunin bijo) 1857-1858 [VanGogh], 258-259
[Izzard], 94
[Contemporary Allegory] An Up-to-Date Parody of the Four Classes (Imayo mitate shi-no-ko-sho) 1857 [Forrer], G318
[Izzard], 93
Murasaki's Hand-Printed Ashikaga Pictures of the Twelve Months (Ashikaga ginu tezome no Murasaki junigatsu no uchi) 1858 [VanGogh], 263-264
[VanVleck], pp. 258
Genji Compared with an Imaginary Eight Views (Genji mitate hakkei no uchi) 1858 [Izzard], 85, pp. 34
Poems for the Four Seasons (Tosei shiki no nagame) 1858 [VanVleck], pp. 257
The Fifty-Four Chapters of Genji (Genji goju yojo [hattan]) 1858-1859 [VanGogh], 279
[Izzard], 86
[NarazakiIII], 16
Matching Pictures with the Chushingura (Chushingura e-kyodai) 1859 [VanGogh], 267-269
The Modern Thirty-Two Types (Imayo sanjuni so) 1859 [Izzard], 95
Fashionable Mirror Reflections (Imayo oshi e-kagami) 1859 [VanGogh], 272-274
Records of Famous Women From All Ages (Kokin meifu den) 1859 [VanGogh], 275-276
Twelve Months of the Fashionable Genji (Imayo Genji junigatsu no uchi) 1859 [VanGogh], 278
Tale of Genji Joint Work (Gappitsu Genji) {With Hiroshige II} 1859 [NarazakiIII], C26
18 known Actors in Mirrors in Raised Picture Style 1859-1861 [NarazakiIII], C33-36
Toyokuni's Caricatures (Toyokuni manga zue) 1860 [Izzard], 97
Untitled series of actor portraits [often referred to as "Famous Kabuki Actors Past and Present (Konjaku kabuki meiyu)] 1860-1865
(some issued posthumously)
[Izzard], 96, pp. 39
[Tinios], C16, 25, 27
Untitled series of actors backstage 1861 [Izzard], 98
12 x 3 A Modern Genji During the Twelve Months (Imayo Genji Junikagetsu no uchi) 1861 [Rappard], 166
A Selection of Old and New from a Modern Genji (Imayo Genji ronyaku awase) {With Hiroshige II} 1862 [VanGogh], 291
Modern Parodies of the Thirty-Six Flowers (Tosei mitate sanjurokkassen) 1862 [VanGogh], 292
From the Four Seasons (Shiki no uchi) 1862 [VanGogh], 294
Legends of Famous Women of All Ages [Lives of Famous Women of the Past and Present] (Kokin meifu den) 1862 [VanGogh], 296
[VanVleck], pp. 258
Famous Places on the Tokaido (Tokaido Meisho no Uchi) (With Yoshitoshi, Kunisada II, Hiroshige II, and Kyosai) 1863
Toyokuni's Drawings - A Magic Contest (Toyokuni kigo - kijitsu kurabe) 1864 [Tinios], C15
Thirty-Six Views of the Pride of Edo {With Hiroshige II} 1864 [Rappard], 178


  1. Hiroshige drew 19 prints in this series, and Kuniyoshi was responsible for 31.
  2. Hiroshige drew 35 prints in this series, and Kuniyoshi was responsible for 51.


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