Japanese Woodblock Print Artists' Names


James Self and Nobuko Hirose's "Japanese Art Signatures: A Handbook and Practical Guide" (Charles E. Tuttle, Rutland and Tokyo, 1987) is a very useful reference; especially useful is its long section of reproductions of the signatures of woodblock print artists.

One capability that would be useful to have is the ability to look up potential names given only one kanji character (when not in the first place, where the order of listing in Self+Hirose would make it easy to find).

The table at the bottom of this page, which gives a listing of the signatures reproduced in Self+Hirose, along with a number of other artists, and a large number of other names, not given there (some of them fairly common), from two additional reference works:

	Laurance P. Roberts, "A Dictionary of Japanese Artists",
		Weatherhill, New York, 1990
	Richard Lane, "Images from the Floating World",
		Chartwell Books, Secaucus, 1978
makes this easy: the use of the 'page search' command in any browser will quickly show all the names that use a particular character.

(The additional names added to the table generally do not include personal names, since these are unlikely to be used in signatures - the point of this page - and they will increase the already considerable bulk of the table.)

Eventually I hope to add images of all of these signatures. Full achievement of that is going to be a project for another day, though - although the odd image may be added on an occasional basis.


Written Japanese now uses simpler forms for a number of the characters used in the names of some woodblock artists. It is quite common to see these forms used in modern written material about them.

This table will continue to use the old forms, because those are the ones that are actually used in their signatures (which I one day hope to add). Adding a note to each entry which has a modern form would be tedious, but this table lists the old and new forms for the most common such characters, which are not otherwise noted in individual entries. Please keep this in mind when using this page.

Old kanji form New kanji form Reading
寿 ju

Note that some entries below use the new forms. This is often in cases where data has been added from a written source which does not show the actual signature, and so it is not clear which form the artist actually used. In some cases, however (e.g. Hokuju), the artist actually used the simpler form. It is hoped that eventually the table will always show the character actually used by the artist.

Many, many woodblock artists had a of the form 'Ichi{foo}sai' ({foo}), so looking for either of those two characters is not likely to be useful. (Note that per the table above, 齋 is often replaced by 斎.)

Similarly, the term 'monjin' (門人, literally 'school person') often seen in signatures, means 'pupil' or 'disciple'; the ordering in use is the same as the Japanese possessive ('no'), i.e. {foo} monjin {bar} means that {bar} was a pupil of {foo}.

Other characters often found in signatures include:

Term (Rōmaji) Term (Kanji) Meaning Comments
ga 画/畫 'brush-stroke, picture'
hitsu/fude 'brush, painting')
sei 'made'
utsusu 写/冩 'draw, sketch'
sha 'person'
aratame 'changing [name]'
ōju 應需 'accepted request' The simplified version of the first character is often used in transcriptions
motome ni ōjite 需応 'in response to special request'
ni-dai 二代 'second of the name'
san-dai 三代 'third of the name') Etc.

Obviously, neither any of these these, nor monjin, will be useful to search on.

Similarly, the characters used in the names of common schools (Utagawa, Torii, etc) often used in signatures are not included, since too many artists use them to be useful in identifying a signature.

Name Table

Note that in this table the artist's is capitalized; this is contrary to normal practise with Japanese names, where the family name is usually capitalized. This is because woodblock artists are usually known by their alone, hence the desire to highlight it.

True family names (i.e. other than those of schools into which artists were often adopted, such as Utagawa, Torii, etc), when given (in case the artist might have used them in a signature, and also to allow differentiation between multiple artists with the same ), are given in italics, thusly.

Sometimes artists use more than one set of characters with the same reading, or multiple readings of a single character; such instances are indicated with a '/' between the alternate forms.

The names of the form 'Ichi{foo}sai' ({foo}) were usually not used by themselves in a signature, but as a prefix to the main ; they are thus given in that form. Other secondary names are given by themselves, unless a signature has been seen in which they are used in conjunction with another name.

Entry numbers of the form "NNx" indicate entries which are additional entries, not in Self+Hirose. A number of errors have been found in Self+Hirose in the process of transcription; these are indicated in the 'Comments' fields of the tables. (This is not criticism of them; I know from personal experience how easy it is to have errors creep in when compiling a lengthy table such as this one!)

Note that although some checking has been performed (e.g. a fair amount of checking to make sure the characters called out in Self+Hirose as being the ones in the signature have the reading used in the name), the data has not been completely checked, nor completely cross-checked with other sources to verify correctness.

In general, entries of the form "signed as" indicate that a signature of this form has actually been observed (and the kanji used verified against that given here); entries of the form "used the name" indicate that this is data from another published source (most often Roberts).

To see a larger image of any signature which is given, click on the thumbnail image in the table.

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
芦陽 ASHIAKI 1 224
春川 芦廣 Harukawa ASHIHIRO 2-3 224
あし尚 ASHIHISA 4 224
芦清 ASHIKIYO 5 224
布屋 あし國 Nunoya ASHIKUNI 6 224 Also used Ran'eisai (蘭英斎) Ashikuni, Ransai (蘭斎) Ashikuni, Seiyōsai (青陽斎) Ashikuni; and Kyōgadō (狂画堂) and Roshū (蘆州).
あし麿 ASHIMARO 7 224
芦尚 ASHINAO 7x See Ashihisa, entry #4
芦貫 ASHINUKI 8 224
芦郷 ASHISATO 9 224
芦尚 ASHITAKA 9x See Ashihisa, entry #4
あし/芦友 ASHITOMO 10 226
芦幸/雪 ASHIYUKI 11-13 226 Used numerous variants for writing his main (Ashiyuki): あし for the 'ashi', and 由紀 and ゆき for the 'yuki'.
Signed as Gigadō (戯画堂) Ashiyuki; also used Ashigadō (芦画堂) and Nagakuni (長国).

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
楳延 BAIEN 14 226
梅華 BAIKA 15 226
梅溪 BAIKEI 16 226
晩噐 BANKI 17 226
萬亀 BANKI 18 226

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
文調 BUNCHŌ 19 226
文浪 BUNRŌ 20 226

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
千哥國 CHIKAKUNI 21 226
周麿 CHIKAMARO 22 228
橋本 周延 Hashimoto CHIKANOBU 22x Signed as Yōshū (楊洲) Chikanobu; also used Toyohara (豊原) Chikanobu; his full "real" name (honmyō - 本名) was Hashimoto Naoyoshi (橋本 直義).
五橋樓 周芳 Gokyōrō CHIKAYOSHI 22y
豊原 周義 Toyohara CHIKAYOSHI 22z

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
長秀齋 CHŌSHŪSAI 23 228
海老兼 EBIKANE 24 228

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
榮壽 EIJU 25 228
栄江 EIKŌ 26 228
鳥橋齋 栄里 Chōkyōsai EIRI 27 228
礫川亭 永理 Rekisentei EIRI 27x
渓斎 英泉 Keisai EISEN 28 228
鳥文斎 栄し Chōbunsai EISHI 29 228 Also known as Hosoda (細田) Eishi.
鳥高斎 栄昌 Chōkōsai EISHŌ 30 228
春川 英笑 Harukawa EISHŌ 30x
栄水 EISUI 31 228
榮深 EISHIN 32 228
菊川 英山 Kikugawa EIZAN 33 228

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
寿松堂 ふぢ國 Jushōdō FUJIKUNI 34 230
一笑齋 房種 Isshōsai FUSATANE 35 230

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
八島 岳亭 Yashima GAKUTEI 36 230 Often signed Tōto (東都) Gakutei.
Self+Hirose erroneously give 介 as the second character of the name.
宮城 玄魚 Miyagi GENGYO 36x
五郷 GOKYŌ 37 230
春川 五七 Harukawa GOSHICHI 38 230 Self+Hirose erroneously give Hishikawa (菱川) as the reading of the name.
玉峰 GYOKUHŌ 39 230
玉泉 GYOKUSEN 40 230
玉洲 GYOKUSHŪ 41 230

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
鈴木 春信 Suzuki HARUNOBU 42 230
春重 HARUSHIGE 43 230
春次 HARUTSUGU 44 230 Also read as HARUJI

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
半山 HANZAN 45 232
豊川 英國 Toyokawa HIDEKUNI 46 232
秀麿 HIDEMARO 47 232
あし川 彦國 Ashikawa HIKOKUNI 48 232
長古國 HIKOKUNI 49 232
香朝樓 豊齋 Kōchōrō HŌSAI 49x Not read as 'TOYOSAI' (the usual reading of the first character in woodblock signatures); the last character of his first name is sometimes transcribed as .
Formally Utagawa HIDEHISA (栄久); he also used the names Baidō (梅堂) Hōsai and Kunimasa (國政) IV, Kunisada (國貞) III, and Toyokuni (豊國) V.

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
廣景 HIROKAGE 50 232
廣國 HIROKUNI 51 232 Self+Hirose erroneously give 應 as the second character of the name, but that appears to be a typo.
芦野家 廣信 Ashinoya HIRONOBU 52 232
五粽亭 廣貞 Gōsōtei HIROSADA 53 232
一立齋 廣重 Ichiryūsai HIROSHIGE 54-59 232/234

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
北海 HOKKAI 60 234 Probably Shunshisai Hokkai
春陽齋 北敬 Shunyōsai HOKKEI 61-62 234
春曙齋 北頂 Shunshosai HOKUCHŌ 63 234 Also known as Inoue Hokuchō.
The only recorded reading for the middle character of the first name is 'sho', not 'shō', as given by Self+Hirose; similarly, the last character has a reading of 'CHŌ', whereas Self+Hirose gives 'CHO'.
北英 HOKUEI 64-65 234/236 Signed as Shunkōsai (春江齋) Hokuei and Sekkarō (雪花楼) Hokuei; also used Shunbaisai (春梅斎) Hokuei, Shunbaitei (春梅亭) Hokuei, Shun'yōsai (春陽斎) Hokuei, Sekka (雪華) and Shunkō(春江).
桃幸園 北英 Tōkōen HOKUEI 64x
北雅 HOKUGA 66 236
春海齋 北鴈 Shunkaisai HOKUGAN 67 236
五龍軒 北寿 Goryūken HOKUJU 68 236 Also used the names Shun'eisai 春英斎 and Shunshōsai. 春松斎.
Some sources give the second character in the as instead of 寿.
昇亭 北寿 Shōtei HOKUJU 69 236 Also used the name Shōsai (昇斎).
Self+Hirose give the reading of his first name with a 'o', but that character is only given with a reading of 'ō'.
春旭齋 北明 Shungyokusai HOKUMEI 70 236
北溟 HOKUMEI 70x
春好齋 北妙 Shunkōsai HOKUMYŌ 71 236 Self+Hirose give the reading of the last character in his with an 'O', but that character is only given with a reading of 'Ō'.
北齋 HOKUSAI 72-74 236 Hokusai probably had more signatures than any other ukiyo-e artist; instances of his signature are known with a leading Zen () and Gakyōjin (画狂人) and with a trailing Tamekazu (爲一) and Tatsumasa (辰政) .
春好齋 門人 春暁齋 北晴 Shunkōsai monjin Shungyōsai HOKUSEI 75 236
東方南 北西 Tōhōnan HOKUSEI 76 238 "Tōhōnan Hokusei" was an alternative name used by Hokkai, who is reported to have signed prints as "Hokusei Shunshisai Hokkai"
春頂齋 北松 Shunchōsai HOKUSHŌ 77 238 Also known as Shunchō (春頂).
Self+Hirose give the middle character of his first name as 莞, but that appears to be a typo.
北升 HOKUSHŌ 77x Also known as Shunchō (春蝶).
春好齋 北洲 Shunkōsai HOKUSHŪ 78 238 Self+Hirose give the reading of his name with a 'U', but that character is only given with a reading of 'Ū'.
北粹 HOKUSUI 79 238
北洋 HOKUYŌ 80 238

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
一景 IKKEI 81 238
英 一蝶 Hanbusa ITCHŌ 82 238

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
一峯齋 景枩 Ippōsai KAGEMATSU 83 238
五流亭 景松 Goryūtei KAGEMATSU 84 238
五湖亭門 景年 Gokoteimon KAGETOSHI 85 238

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
近藤 勝信 Kondō KATSUNOBU 86 238
溪齋 KEISAI 87 238
喜久麿 KIKUMARO 89 240
きし國 KISHIKUNI 90 240

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
菱川 清晴 Hishikawa KIYOHARU 91 240
清廣 KIYOHIRO 92 240
豊川 清國 Toyokawa KIYOKUNI 93 240
清倍 KIYOMASU 94 240 Some sources give the reading of the last character of his name as 'MASA', but 'MASU' seems to be correct.
鳥居 清峯 Torii KIYOMINE 95 240
鳥居 清滿 Torii KIYOMITSU 96 240 Some sources transcribe the last character of his name as .
清長 KIYONAGA 97 242 Self+Hirose give the last character of his name as 瓜, but that appears to be a typo.
鳥居 清信 Torii KIYONOBU 98 242
清貞 KIYOSADA 99 242
清重 KIYOSHIGE 100 242
清忠 KIYOTADA 101 242
鳥居 清朝 Torii KIYOTOMO 102 242
清經 KIYOTSUNE 103 242

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
江漢 司馬 KŌKAN Shiba 104 242 Self+Hirose give the first syllable of his name as 'KO', but that character only has a reading of 'KŌ.
小信 KONOBU 105 242
湖龍齋 KORYUSAI 106 242
狂齋 KYŌSAI 141 248

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
國明 KUNIAKI 107 242
國周 KUNICHIKA 108 242
國晴 KUNIHARU 109 244
國春 KUNIHARU 110 244 Self+Hirose give the last character of his name as 晴, but that appears to be a error.
國彥 KUNIHIKO 111 244
國廣 KUNIHIRO 112-114 244 Sometimes signed Ganjōsai (丸丈齋) Kunihiro and Sanshōtei (三昇亭) Kunihiro.
Self+Hirose give the last syllable as 'HARO' on Entry #113, but that appears to be a typo.
國久 KUNIHISA 115 244
國景 KUNIKAGE 116 244
國兼 KUNIKANE 116x
國員 KUNIKAZU 117-118 244
國麿 KUNIMARO 119 244
國丸 KUNIMARU 120 244
國政 KUNIMASA 121-122 246 Sometimes signed Ichijusai (一壽齋) Kunimasu.
國升 KUNIMASU 123 246
國滿 KUNIMITSU 124 246
國盛 KUNIMORI 125 246 This is Kunimori I; he sometimes signed as Kochōsei (胡蝶棲) Kunimori; he also used Kochōan (胡蝶庵) Kunimori.
國宗 KUNIMUNE 126 246
國松 KUNIMATSU 127 246
國枩 KUNIMATSU 128 246
國長 KUNINAGA 129 246
國直 KUNINAO 130 246
國貞 KUNISADA 131 246 Self+Hirose give the last character of his name as 升, but that appears to be an error.
Signed as Gototei (五渡亭) Kunisada and Kōchōrō (香蝶樓) Kunisada.
國重 KUNISHIGE 132-133 248 Sometimes signed Nagasaki (長崎) Kunishige
國孝 Utagawa KUNITAKA 133x He also used the name Ichigyokusai (一玉齋), signing with various combinations of "Utagawa", "Ichigyokusai" and "Kunitaka" (with the latter always last).
國照 KUNITERU 134x
國輝 KUNITERU 134 248 This is Kuniteru II; he used several secondary names, including Ichiyōsai (一曜斎), and Yōsai (曜斎). Some sources indicate he also used Ichiransai.
Both of these artists who used the name Kuniteru (written with these kanji), along with a third artist (ditto, but not listed here) used the name Ichiyūsai (一雄斎).
國輝 KUNITERU 135 248 He used a large number of secondary names, including Gochōtei (五蝶亭), Shinsadatei (新貞亭), Dokusuisha (独酔舎), Issensai (一泉齋), and Isshinsai (一心斎).
一蘭齋 國綱 Ichiransai KUNITSUNA 136-137 248
哥川 國鶴 Utagawa KUNITSURU 138 248
國安 KUNIYASU 139 248
一勇齋 國芳 Ichiyūsai KUNIYOSHI 140 248

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
寿鶴堂 政國 Jukakudō MASAKUNI 144 250
奧村 政信 Okumura MASANOBU 145 250
政演 MASANOBU 146 250
政美 MASAYOSHI 147 250

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
万月堂 MANGETSUDŌ 143 250
升春 MASUHARU 148 250
益信 MASUNOBU 142 248
升信 MASUNOBU 149 250
師房 MOROFUSA 150 250
菱川 師宣 Hishikawa MORONOBU 151 250
長谷川 宗廣 Hasegawa MUNEHIRO 152 250

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
ながひで NAGAHIDE 153 250
長秀 NAGAHIDE 154 250
長国 NAGAKUNI 155 252
二鳳 NIHŌ 156 252
直政 NAOMASA 157 252
南陽齋 NAN'YŌSAI 158 252

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
西川 信春 Nishikawa NOBUHARU 159 252
長谷川 信廣 Hasegawa NOBUHIRO 160 252 Self+Hirose give the last character of his name as 今 but that appears to be a typo.
貞升 門人 信勝 Sadamasu monjin NOBUKATSU 161 252
浪花 柳川 信政 Naniwa Yanagawa NOBUMASA 162 252
信貞 NOBUSADA 163 252

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
蘭好齋 RANKŌSAI 164 252
禮山 REIZAN 165 252
露好 ROKŌ 166 254
柳谷 RYŪKOKU 167 254
流光齋 RYŪKŌSAI 168 254
龍雲齋 RYŪUNSAI 169 254
河末軒 流舟 Kamatsuken RYŪSEN 170 254

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
大沢 貞房 Ōsawa SADAFUSA 171 254 Also used the names Gofūtei (五楓亭) Sadafusa, Gohyōtei (五飄亭) Sadafusa, Gokitei (五亀亭) Sadafusa, Shinsai (震斎), and Tōchōrō (桶蝶楼).
長谷川 貞春 Hasegawa SADAHARU 172 254 Also used the names Goryūtei (五柳亭) Sadaharu and Goshōtei (五蕉亭) Sadaharu.
橋本 貞秀 Hashimoto SADAHIDE 173 254 Signed as Gountei (五雲亭) Sadahide; also used Gyokuransai (玉蘭斎) Sadahide, Gyokurantei (玉蘭亭) Sadahide, Gyokuō (玉翁), and Gyokuran (玉蘭).
南々川 貞廣 Nanakawa SADAHIRO 174-176 254 Signed as Gochōtei (五蝶亭) Sadahiro; also used Gokitei (五輝亭) Sadahiro, Gorakutei (五楽亭) Sadahiro, Gosōtei (五棕亭) Sadahiro, and Kōgaō (好画堂).
小島 貞景 Kojima SADAKAGE 177 256 Signed as Gokotei 五湖亭 Sadakage
貞丸 SADAMARU 177x Also used Sadamaro (貞麿) earlier in his career.
長谷川 門人 貞政 Hasegawa monjin SADAMASA 178 256 Roberts gives his family name as 'Hasegawa', but the signature clearly reads "Hasegawa monjin Sadamasa" (unless he meant 'Hasegawa' there in the sense of 'Hasegawa school', in which case he might well have taken it as his family name too).
五蝶亭 貞升 Gochōtei SADAMASU 179 256 This is Sadamasa II.
長谷川 貞信 Hasegawa SADANOBU 180 256 Also used Kinkadō (金花堂), Nansō (南窓), Nansōrō (南窓楼), Ryokuitsusai (緑一斎), Sekkaen (雪花園), Shin'ō (信翁), and Shinten'ō(信天翁).
貞信 SADANOBU 181 256
田村 貞信 Tamura SADANOBU 181x This is possibly the same person as the entry above, but it is not certain.
五風亭 貞虎 Gofūtei SADATORA 182 256
國貞 門人 五蝶亭 貞次 Kunisada monjin Gochotei SADATSUGU 183 256
肥後屋 貞芳 Higoya SADAYOSHI 184 256 Signed as Kaishuntei (魁春亭) Sadayoshi; also used Gofūtei (五飄亭) Sadayoshi, Gohyōtei (五瓢亭) Sadayoshi, Kokuhyōtei (国瓢亭) Sadayoshi, and Baisōen (梅窓園).
貞升 門人 貞雪 Sadamasu monjin SADAYUKI 185 256

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
石峯 SEKIHŌ 186 256
石上 SEKIJŌ 187 256
雪嶠 SEKKYŌ 187x
千哥 SENKA 188 258
千万 SENMAN 189 258
東洲齋 冩樂 Tōshūsai SHARAKU 190 258 The first character of his last name is not exactly the variant given in Self+Hirose; that variant is not available in Unicode.
His name is often written with the characters 写楽 now.
西光亭 芝國 Saikōtei SHIBAKUNI 191 258
志葉國 SHIBAKUNI 192 258

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
重春 門人 重房 Shigeharu monjin SHIGEFUSA 193 258
重春 SHIGEHARU 194-195 258 Sometimes signed Ryūsai (柳齋) Shigeharu, Ryūtei (柳亭) Shigeharu, Gyokuryūsai (玉柳斎) Shigeharu, and Gyokuryūtei (玉柳亭) Shigeharu; also used Baigansai (梅丸梅), Kiyōsai (崎陽斎), and Kiyōtei (崎陽亭).
重廣 SHIGEHIRO 196 258
浮世 重勝 Ukiyo SHIGEKATSU 197 258
重麿 SHIGEMARO 198 258
北尾 重政 Kitao SHIGEMASA 199 260
重長 SHIGENAGA 200 260
柳狂亭 重直 Ryūkyōtei SHIGENAO 201 260
東都 柳川 重信 Tōto Yanagawa SHIGENOBU 202 260

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
式麿 SHIKIMARO 203 260
島丸 SHIMAMARU 204 260
辰齋 SHINSAI 205 260
正好 SHŌKŌ 206 260
枩好 SHŌKŌ 207 260
渉南 湊好齋 Kōnan SHŌKŌSAI 208 260 Some sources transcribe the first character of his as .
松樂 SHŌRAKU 209 262
松山 SHŌZAN 210 262
舟調 SHŪCHŌ 211 262 Self+Hirose give the first syllable of his name as 'SHU', but that character only has a reading of 'SHŪ.

Thumbnail Image Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
春朝 SHUNCHŌ 212 262
春頂 SHUNCHŌ 213 262
春潮 SHUNCHŌ 214 262 Self+Hirose give the last character of his name as 湖, but that appears to be an error.
They also give the last syllable of his name as 'CHO', but that character only has a reading of 'CHŌ.
春童 SHUNDŌ 215 262
春英 SHUNEI 239 266
春栄 SHUN'EI 217 262
春常 SHUNJŌ 216 262
春江 門人 春壽 Shunkō monjin SHUNJU 218 262
春敬 SHUNKEI 219 262
春錦 SHUNKIN 220 262
春好 SHUNKŌ 221, 223 262
春好齋 門人 春江 Shunkōsai monjin SHUNKŌ 222 264
春喬 SHUNKYŌ 224 264 Self+Hirose do not give the second character; Roberts gives this one.
春滿 SHUNMAN 225 264
画X軒 春王 Gayūken SHUN'Ō 226 264 The middle character of the first name is not available in Unicode (nor in several dictionaries, either). Self+Hirose give a different, incorrect character (also not available in Unicode), differing only in the radical. See the image of the signature for the character.
春峯 SHUNPŌ 227 264
春風舎 SHUNPŪSHA 227x
春勢 SHUNSEI 228 264
春泉 SHUNSEN 229 264
春扇 SHUNSEN 229x
画好軒 春枝 Gakōken SHUNSHI 230 264
画登軒 春芝 Gatōken SHUNSHI 231 264
靑陽齋 春子 Seiyōsai SHUNSHI 232 264
北洲 門人 春信 Hokushū monjin SHUNSHIN 233 266
春真 SHUNSHIN 237 266 Self+Hirose give the second character as , but this cannot be correct (if the reading of the name is) because that character does not have a reading of 'SHIN'. The character given here does have such a reading, and is as similar to the character in the actual signature as the other. The possibility that the reading is incorrect cannot be ignored, either; an artist of that name is not listed in Roberts, although there is one in Lane (alas, his kanji are not given).
春曙 SHUNSHO 234 266
春好 門人 春諸 Shunkō monjin SHUNSHO 235 266
勝川 春章 Katsukawa SHUNSHŌ 235x Also used Jūgasei (縦画生), Kyokurōsai (旭朗斎), Kyokurōsei (旭朗井), Ririn (李林), Rokurokuan (六々庵), Shuntei (春亭), and Yūji (酉爾).
歌川 春升 Utagawa SHUNSHŌ 235y Signed as Hōrai (蓬莱) Shunshō (with the second character sometimes transcribed as ) and Kochōen (胡蝶園) Shunshō; also used as Matsuo (松尾) Shunshō.
柳川 春水 Yanagawa SHUNSUI 236 266
勝[川] 春亭 Katsu[kawa] SHUNTEI 236x There is a separate artist of this name listed in Roberts, but it is not known if this signature is his, or that of Katsukawa Shunshō (above), who also used the name Shuntei (with these kanji) at one point.
春洞 SHUNTŌ 238 266
春諸亭 春要 Shunshotei SHUN'YŌ 240 266
謹多樓 春陽 Kintarō SHUN'YŌ 241 266
春陽齋 SHUNYŌSAI 242 268
北心齋 春山 Hokushinsai SHUNZAN 243 268

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
素樂 SORAKU 244 268
宗理 SŌRI 245 268
西川 祐信 Nishikawa SUKENOBU 246 268

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
葛飾 戴斗 Katsushika TAITO 247 268
玉國 TAMAKUNI 248 268
多美國 TAMIKUNI 249 268
輝重 TERUSHIGE 250 268
東居 TŌKYO 251 268
香雅堂 登美國 Kōgadō TŌMIKUNI 252 268 Self+Hirose give the first syllable of his as 'TO', but that character only has a reading of 'TŌ'.
富信 TOMINOBU 253 268
冨雪 TOMIYUKI 254 270
年英 TOSHIHIDE 255 270
奧村 利信 Okumura TOSHINOBU 256 270
壽陽堂 とし國 Juyōdō TOSHIKUNI 257 270
墨亭 月麿 Bokutei TSUKIMARO 88 240

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
豊章 TOYOAKI 258 270
一龍齋 歌川 豊春 Ichiryūsai Utagawa TOYOHARU 259-260 270 He also used alternative kanji for 'Utagawa' - 哥川.
北川 豊秀 Kitagawa TOYOHIDE 261 270
豊廣 TOYOHIRO 262 270
豊久 TOYOHISA 263 270
豊川 TOYOKAWA 264 272
豊國 TOYOKUNI 265 272 This is Toyokuni I, who used the name Ichiyōsai (一陽斎).
後素亭 豊國 Gosotei TOYOKUNI 266 272 This is Toyokuni II, who also used the name Ichiryōsai (一竜斎).
Self and Hirose give the first character of the family name as 弦, but this is a typo.
豊國 TOYOKUNI 267-268 272 This is Toyokuni III, who also used the name Ichiyūsai (一雄齋).
豊雅 TOYOMASA 269 270
豊信 TOYONOBU 270 272
豊重 TOYOSHIGE 271 272

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
梅英 UMEHIDE 271x
春暁X 梅國 Shungyōsai UMEKUNI 272 272 Self+Hirose give 堂 as the last character of the first name, but this does not seem to be correct, as the only reading given for that character is 'DŌ'. It is not clear what the last character is; the signature is written in sōsho.
Possibly a mis-read of Jugyōdō Umekuni (壽暁堂).
よし國 門人 む美國 Yoshikuni monjin MUMEKUNI 273 274 This is probably the same person as the entry above.
哥國 UTAKUNI 274 274
哥麿 UTAMARO 275-276 274

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
西村 芳藤 Nishimura YOSHIFUJI 277x Also used Ippōsai (一鵬斎) Yoshifuji and Ichihōsai (一宝斎) Yoshifuji.
芳房 YOSHIFUSA 277y Also used Ippōsai (一宝斎) Yoshifusa. and Ichihōsai (一芳斎) Yoshifusa.
生田 芳春 Kida YOSHIHARU 279 274 Also used Ichibaisai (一梅斎) Yoshiharu, Ippōsai (一峰斎) Yoshiharu, Chōkarō (朝華楼), and Yoshiharu (芳晴). (different kanji).
芳秀 YOSHIHIDE 279x Also used Ikkyōsai (一旭斎) Yoshihide, and Sanjuen (三樹園), Sessō (雪窓), and Shiidō (紫衣堂).
Roberts lists him with the first kanji , but Lane gives it with .
落合 芳幾 Ochiai YOSHIIKU 278 274 Also used Ikkeisai (一蕙斎) Yoshiiku, and Chōkarō (朝霞楼), Keiami (蕙阿弥), Keisai (蕙斎), and Sairakusai (晒落斎).
Self+Hirose give the reading of this name as "YOSHICHIKA" but that seems to be incorrect; neither Roberts nor Lane lists an artist of that name.
Roberts list him with the first kanji , but instances of his signature clearly show that he used .
芳一九 YOSHIIKU 280 274
斎藤 芳景 Saitō YOSHIKAGE 280x
大伴 芳形 Ōtomo YOSHIKATA 280y Also used Isshinsai (一震斎) Yoshikata.
石渡 芳勝 Ishiwatari YOSHIKATSU 281 274 Also used Isseisai (一勢斎) Yoshikatsu and Isshūsai (一秀斎) Yoshikatsu.
松吟堂 吉川 Shōgindō YOSHIKAWA 281x
一川 芳員 Ichikawa YOSHIKAZU 282 274 Also used Ichijusai (一寿斎) Yoshikazu, Isshunsai (一春斎) Yoshikazu, and Issen (一川).
"Ichikawa" is not his true family name, which is unknown.
高木/城 芳國/芳州/よし國 Takagi YOSHIKUNI 283-285 276 Signed as Toyokawa (豊川) Yoshikuni and Jukōdō (壽好堂) Yoshikuni; also used Kō () Yoshikuni, and Ashimaro/Yoshimaro (芦麿), Ashimaru (芦丸), and Kōjōdō (岡丈堂).
大川 美麿 Ogawa YOSHIMARO 285x Also used Kitagawa (高多川) Yoshimaro, Kitao Masayoshi II (北尾 正美), Kitao Shigemasa II (重政), and Yoshimaru (美丸).
武部 芳峰 Takebe YOSHIMINE 286 276 Also used Gyokutei (玉亭) Yoshimine, Ichibaisai (一梅斎) Yoshimine, Kochōrō (胡蝶楼) Yoshimine, and Kyokutei (旭亭).
芳光 YOSHIMITSU 287 276
田口 芳盛 Taguchi YOSHIMORI 288 276 His original name was Miki Sakuzō (三木 作蔵); also used Ikkōsai (一光斎) Yoshimori, Kōsai (光斎), Kuniharu (國晴), and Sakurabō(さくら坊).,
鹿嶋 芳宗 Kashima YOSHIMUNE 288x Also used Isshōsai (一松斎) Yoshimori, and Shōsai (松斎).
駒井 美信 Komai YOSHINOBU 289 276 The illustration of his signature in Self+Hirose shows as the first character of his a character that looks very similar to , but which not available in Unicode.
藤川 吉信 Fujikawa YOSHINOBU 289x
山本 義信 Yamamoto YOSHINOBU 289y
芳信 YOSHINOBU 289z Also used Ichireisai (一礼斎) Yoshinobu, and Ikkeisai 一慶斎) Yoshinobu.
芳重 YOSHISHIGE 290 276
一峯斎 芳鷹 Ippōsai YOSHITAKA 290x
中井 芳瀧 Nakai YOSHITAKI 291-292 276 Signed Ichiyōsai (一養齋) Yoshitaki; also used Ichiyōtei (一養亭) Yoshitaki, Ittensai (一点斎) Yoshitaki, and Handenshakyo (版田舎居), Hōgyoku (豊玉), Jueidō (寿栄堂), Noriya (糊家), Satanoya (里の家), and Yōsui (養水).
His is sometimes transcribed with the simplified character now.
萩原 芳富 Hagiwara YOSHITOMI 293 276 Also used Ichigeisai (一芸斎) Yoshitomi, and Hōshū (芳州).
永島 芳虎 Nagashima YOSHITORA 294 278 Signed as Kinchōrō (錦朝樓) Yoshitora; also used Ichimōsai (一猛斎) Yoshitora, and Mōsai (孟斎).
吉岡 芳年 Yoshioka YOSHITOSHI 295 278 Signed as Tsukioka (月岡) Yoshitoshi, Taiso (大蘇) Yoshitoshi, Gyokuō (possibly read as 'Tamazakura') (玉櫻) Yoshitoshi, Ikkaisai (一魁齋) Yoshitoshi, and Kaisai (魁齋) Yoshitoshi; also used Gyokuōrō (玉桜楼), and Sokatei (咀華亭).
Sometimes the character 櫻 is transcribed as the simplified variant 桜.
福山 芳豐 Fukuyama YOSHITOYO 296 278 Used Ichieisai (一英斎) Yoshitoyo and Ichiryūsai (一竜斎) Yoshitoyo.
上原 芳豐 Uehara YOSHITOYO 296x Possibly the same person as the entry above.
貞芳 門人 芳次 Sadayoshi monjin YOSHITSUGU 297 278
一登斎 芳綱 Ittosai YOSHITSUNA 298 278
芳鶴 YOSHITSURU 298x Used Isseisai (一声斎) Yoshitsuru and Ittensai (一天斎) Yoshitsuru.
甲胡 芳艶 Kōko YOSHITSUYA 299 278 Used Ichieisai (一栄/英斎) Yoshitsuya and Hōon (芳艶).
Self+Hirose give the second character as 雪 but this cannot be correct because that character does not have a reading of 'TSUYA'.
箕輪 芳艶 Miwa YOSHITSUYA 299x This is Yoshitsuya II; he used Ichieisai (一英斎) Yoshitsuya and Issensha Kison (一仙舎 其村).
中島 芳梅 Nakajima YOSHIUME 300 278 Signed as Ichiōsai (一鶯齋) Yoshiume; also used Yabairō (夜梅楼).
高 よし幸 Kō YOSHIYUKI 301 278 Suspiciously similar to Kō Yoshikuni above, but the last character in the signature (illustrated in Self+Hirose) is clearly none of the 'kuni' characters.
芳雪 YOSHIYUKI 302 278 This is likely the same person as one of the two entries below, but it is not clear which one.
一嶺斎 芳雪 Ichireisai YOSHIYUKI 302x
森 芳雪 Mori YOSHIYUKI 302y Also used Keisetsu (蕙雪), Nansui (南粋), Rokkaen (六花園), and Rokkaken (六花軒).

Name (Kanji) Name (Rōmaji) Entry # Page # Comments
有樂齋 YŪRAKUSAI 303 278

Additional Names, Errors, etc

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