Print Series of Hiroshige, in Van Vleck

One 'standard' reference for the work of Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858, sometimes called Ando Hiroshige) is the volume "The Edward Burr Van Vleck Collection of Japanese Prints", produced by the Elvehjem Museum of Art in Madison in 1990.

Unfortunately, while this voluminous work contains images (albeit small, and black and white only) of an immense number of Hiroshige prints, including complete sets of many of his series (including all of the major ones), it does not provide any sort of useful index into those images! Herewith, then, is a list of where each series is to be found, by page number.

Descriptions are much as given in Van Vleck; alternative titles are given inside "()'s". Complete series are marked with a "*"; ones where this status is not clear are marked with '#'. After the title is given the the format, then the date(s) (if known), and finally the page in Van Vleck where the list of prints is to be found. Not all series are listed; ones with only one or two prints (particularly the numerous 'Edo Meisho' series) may not be listed.

For definitions of such terms as oban, aiban, chuban, tateban, yokoban, and harimaze, the reader is referred to the glossary.

Print Series of Hiroshige, by page

Tokaido Series

Other Road Series

Omi Series

Other Landscape Series

Views of Edo

Miscellaneous Other Series

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