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A great deal of useful information about the early days of the ARPANET and Internet, which used to be availble online in the early days of the Web, has now disappeared, usually because the individuals who took the initiative to host it have given up that effort.

In some cases, if one has a link to where it used to be (which one can often find on other pages which are still up), one can use the Wayback Machine to retrieve the contents. In other cases, it is not so easy.

This page is a centralized resource to locate such resources. It provides both links to content which is still available, and also hosts content which is no longer available anywhere else. Please note that some resources are listed more than once (in case of link-rot).

The current contents of this page are just a start. If you would like to see something else available, or have something of historical interest which you would like to make available through here, please let me know.

Content available elsewhere

Institutional archives

Likely to be around for the future, reliably.

Note that the IETF archives are only available (at the moment) via FTP, and as such, are not indexed by Google. Hopefully the link from here will help these resources get indexed.

Personal archives

Who knows how long these will be available? (Ones marked 'mirrored' have been archived by me, but are not available through this site - although if the listed version disappears, and no other can be found, they can be added here.)

Content available here

Currently missing

If anyone has access to any of these, or knows their whereabouts, please let me know.

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