ARPANET Technical Information: Logical Maps

To see a large image of any particular map, just click on the image.

Note: BB&N produced many more maps than I have here over the lifetime of the network (although coverage up to 1977 is fairly good). I welcome dontations of images of missing maps (at least 1000 pixels wide, and scanned, please - unless you're really good with taking pictures of documents with a camera :-).

December, 1970
April, 1971
August, 1971
August, 1972
December, 1972
September, 1973
June, 1974
January, 1975
October, 1975
August, 1976
October, 1976
November, 1976
March, 1977
September, 1977
December, 1977
December, 1981
April, 1986

(Apologies for the poor quality, the original I have has the dropouts in the lines.)

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