LISP (Location/Identity Separation Protocol) Bibliography


This page attempts to provide a complete bibliography of documents about LISP, something which (as far as I could discover) the Internets have hitherto been lacking.

In each entry, in addition to the usual citation information, there is a link to (at least one) free online copy of the item, as well as (wherever they exist) the Digital Object Identifier for the document.

At the moment this page contains only:

This list does not (and probably will never) attempt to include: I have, after some thought, decided not to include presentations (for the moment, at least), the chief reason being that without the speaker's spiel to go along with them, one can only get so much out of a slide-set. (Otherwise the speaker would only need to show the slides, and not speak, neh?) Also they are often just re-hashes of something that's in a paper.

However, I have carefully noted down the ones that were sent to me, and have saved them away, so if this decision is reversed, they will be set to go.

For the rest, it is not clear that they would add that much (if anything, in most cases) anyway.

Within those limits, it is, to the best of my abilities and knowledge, complete. If anything is incorrect or missing, please email me, and I'll fix or add it (as the case may be).


Papers etc are split up into groups by subject (at my whim, although I hope these divisions are useful), and ordered by date within each subject.


Operational Measurements

Caching Mappings

Mapping Systems


Traffic Engineering










Internet Drafts

The Internet Drafts includes all other than the ones that turned into RFCs; the list includes both live (i.e. still being worked on) and dead I-D's. (Sometimes gems are discarded along with the trash...)

The lists in the first two sections below may not be up to date. Please check the IETF Datatracker for the latest information.

Current WG I-Ds

Current Personal I-Ds

This list should include everything at the LISP Status Pages.

'Zombie' I-Ds

These are recently expired, but are in fact still very much alive, just expired at the moment.

Expired/Defunct I-Ds

This list should include everything at the Datatracker Expired I-D Search page, plus a few more.

Related I-Ds

Replaced I-Ds

These I-D's have been replaced by others.

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Last updated: 22/September/2013